Drop The "A" Word - Not all crashes are accidents

Friday, August 28, 2015

State DOT's that get it right

Yesterday we posted a list of state DOT's that incorrectly use the word "accident" in their road reports.  Below is a list of DOT's that get it right.  They use crash or collision, or in some cases incident. The good news is that 28 states avoid referencing highway incidents as "accidents".  

Let's give credit where credit is due.  Thanks to these DOT's for getting it right.  

Arizona                                 @arizonaDOT
Colorado                               @coloradoDOT
Florida                                   @fl511_i75
Illinois                                   @IDOT_Illinois
Indiana                                 @TrafficWise  @INDOT
Iowa                                     @IowaDOT  @statewideia511
Hawaii                                  @honolulupolice
Kansas                                 @KDOTHQ
Kentucky                              @KYTC511
Maine                                   @maineDOT1
Maryland                              @mdotnews
Massachusetts                     @massDOT
Michigan                               @michiganDOT
Minnesota                            @mndottraffic
Mississippi                           @mississippiDOT
Missouri                               @StLouisTraffic
Maryland                              @theMDTA
Nebraska                             @NDOR
Nevada                                @nevadadot
New Hampshire                   @newhampshireDOT
North Dakota                       @NDDOTfargo
Oregon                                 @oregonDOT
Rhode Island                       @RIDOTNews
Tennessee                           @TN511
Utah                                     @UDOTTRAFFIC
Vermont                               @511VT
Wisconsin                            @WisconsinDOT                      
Washington                          @wsdot_traffic
Wyoming                              @WYDOT_I80

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