Drop The "A" Word - Not all crashes are accidents

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chicago blogger stops using the word "accident"

Steve DeLuca is a blogger and firefighter in the Chicago area.   He recently posted I Will No Longer Use My Cell Phone While Driving and Why You Shouldn't Either.  

To our great pleasure, he also noted that he has stopped using the word "accident" because of our work with Candace Lightner and We Save Lives.  

I have also stopped using the word “accident” to describe certain situations.  I saw on the We Save Lives site that an accident is something that cannot be reasonably foreseen or predicted and
 cannot be avoided. It just happens. A crash, on the other hand, is the result of choices
 made and risks disregarded. Most distractions while driving are by choice and are avoidable. Using a cell phone is a choice and a "crash" caused by one is not an “accident”.
Nice work Steve.   

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