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Monday, March 2, 2015

Oxymoron - Intentional Accident

There are numerous egregious examples of media using the word "accident" reflexively and incorrectly.  

Road Rage: 

Casco, Maine – February 23, 2015

Despite considerable evidence that this was an intentional act, the Portland Press Herald referred to this incident throughout the story as an “accident”. 


Los Angeles, California – January 29, 2015

Rap mogul Suge Knight runs over and kills man in altercation in parking lot.  Charged with murder in this allegedly intentional act.  Yet media around the world, including the Daily Mail, referred to it as an “accident”. 


Long Island, New York – January 7, 2015

5 people arrested for allegedly staging crashes in an insurance fraud ring.  Despite the clear intent, media refer to the incidents as “accidents”. 

2 drunk 2 care:

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida – February 18, 2015

Woman tweets “2 drunk 2 care” then drives the wrong way on a highway killing two girls.  Media call it an “accident”.

The problem is that media no longer consider the meaning of the word "accident".  It is now used without thought about whether the circumstances fulfill the definition of "accident".   Very rarely do traffic reporters, or general assignment reporters have any awareness of intent, fault or blame when reporting on roadway incidents.  

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