Drop The "A" Word - Not all crashes are accidents

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Why There's No Such Thing as a Car "Accident"

It's time to scrub the word accident from our reporting when it comes to car crashes and collisions

By Lorraine Sommerfeld

Originally published: March 18, 2015

When it comes to describing the behaviour of the drivers on our roads, we have a language problem. When you are speeding and hit something, you didn’t have an accident, you caused a collision. When you blow off a stop sign and T-bone someone else, you didn’t have an accident, you caused a crash. When you get behind the wheel drunk and drive into a tree, you did not have an accident; you got drunk and drove into a tree.
A lot of people believe that lack of intent means more than it does. Think about it: if I intended to jump the curb and kill you and your dog while I was sending a text, that would make me a sociopath, but the fact I didn’t mean to do it does not make it an accident.
Read full story here.  Scroll down to read the comments, they are very thoughtful.  


  1. This really is an incredible insight when it comes to car "accident". I personally can agree that there are some kind of car accidents that are real accidents. That being said, having an accident doesn't mean that it was an "accident". The point that you made about hitting someone while texting definitely shows that it was more than just an "accident". Thank you for sharing.

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